Clearwire offers a half-off promotion; IRS hooks Nortel for $3B

> Clearwire is offering a half-off promotion for three months. Article

> Via Licensing has issued a patent call for a new WLAN standard that is able to support streaming high-definition video. Article

> A survey by the Global mobile Suppliers Association has found there are now 39 LTE network commitments worldwide. Article

> The transition from TDM to packet-based backhaul networks is now underway around the world, and the process is expected to accelerate with the deployment of LTE networks, says a report from Heavy Reading. Article

> The Internal Revenue Service filed a claim against bankrupt Nortel for $3 billion in back taxes, interest and other penalties, further complicating the breakup of the Canadian company. Article 

> Vodafone UK is planning to upgrade its HSPA networks to offer increased download speeds of up to 14.4Mbps. Article

And Finally... A man in Detroit skipped out on the restaurant bill and stole his date's car. It was their first date. Article