Cognitive Systems wants to revolutionize the way wireless signals are used

Cognitive Systems Corp., a Canadian startup backed by one of BlackBerry's founders, unveiled a technology for tracking wireless signals that it said can be used for detecting intruders, managing crowds or finding victims of natural disasters.

Cognitive's Amera technology allows real-time visualizations of wireless signals, extracts environmental information embedded in those signals and secures wireless networks and physical spaces. The Amera sensor and its underlying R10 chip mark the first product release from Cognitive, which is largely backed by Mike Lazaridis' Quantum Valley Investments fund. Lazaridis is one of the co-founders of Research In Motion (RIM), which became BlackBerry.

"What we're building is essentially a camera for RF (radio frequency) signals and trying to understand what those signals mean," said Cognitive co-founder Taj Manku, according to Reuters.

Cognitive said it has teamed up with one unnamed partner to develop a home security and monitoring product for mid-2016 launch. The 50-employee company is also weighing targeting a second market segment by the end of next year. Article