Consumers trust the WiFi brand

It is generally understood and appreciated that WiFi technology is one of the wireless industry's favorite success stories. This week, a new study sponsored by the Wi-Fi Alliance offers results from an international survey that measured consumer awareness and sentiment about the WiFi Certified brand, which has been used to help ensure a positive consumer experience with WiFi since 2000.

According to the survey,  consumers are highly aware of and recognize the importance of the WiFi Certified brand and understand and appreciate the interoperability and security features it guarantees. The study surveyed consumers in the U.S., China, Japan and the U.K. The vast majority of those surveyed in Japan and the U.K. said they are willing to pay more for WiFi certified products and a strong proportion (about two-fifths) of U.S. users said they'd likely switch mobile phone carriers to one that supports cellular/WiFi handsets. The vast majority of Chinese respondents said they know of the WiFi seal of approval and that it offers security features. Release.