Could EarthLink pull out of the San Francisco WiFi deal?

San Francisco's proposed muni-WiFi network has once again hit a snag, but this time EarthLink is to blame. The ISP has asked the city's board of supervisors to delay a vote scheduled for this week until at least September. The board of supervisors has been the one to delay the initiative for two years now debating the provisions of the EarthLink-Google proposal. EarthLink's move follows the revelation last week from CEO Roll Huff that his company's muni-WiFi strategy isn't working. To make sure EarthLink gets a return on its investment, he wants "municipal government to step up and become a meaningful anchor tenant on completion of a build." The San Francisco deal has no such commitment negotiated, calling for advertising-supported WiFi. EarthLink's board of directors is expected to review the future direction of EarthLink's muni-WiFi business. Imagine if San Francisco officials had to start all over again.

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