Dual-mode handsets to see impressive growth

A new Juniper Research report says that worldwide VoWiFi equipment revenues will likely reach more than $82 billion by 2012. North America will lead the market with $35 billion in revenues, EMEA will come in second with $23 billion, and Asia Pacific will bring in $21 billion. other findings:

  • Dual-mode cellular/VoWiFi mobile handsets will be the main source of revenue, generating nearly $68 billion in revenue by 2012.
  • Single-mode VoWiFi handsets will see a relatively slow increase in revenue owing primarily to high pricing (total revenues by 2012 will hover around $1.5 billion).
  • Enterprise VoIP-supporting APs will garner more than $5 billion by 2012. 
  • Enterprise VoIP-supporting WLAN switch/mobility controllers will reach nearly $8 billion by 2012.

Basharat Hamid Ashai, the study's author, says that "the dual-mode handset market will pick up much faster in the coming years than the single-mode WiFi handset sector. The handset market is moving to a stage where no one wants to carry two or three devices in their pocket, so the ability to have a single device for all calls is a compelling proposition."

The report notes that another trend that will become more important in the next five years is the use of wireless mesh technologies for VoIP. These networks are currently used mostly for data applications, but the in the coming years the technology will be used more and more for voice.

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