Editor's Corner

The forward movement on the WiMAX front is gathering speed. The paint on the walls of the fixed WiMAX certification test labs has not yet dried, and the WiMAX Forum is already aiming for a mid-year date for making the certification test lab of mobile WiMAX operational. All this is happening on the technology/standards side. The development of business models and rational for WiMAX deployment is a slower process, with more questions yet to be answered, and answered compellingly at that.

This brings us to the FierceMarkets event, WiMAX Strategies, @ GLOBALCOMM in Chicago on June 7-8. The two-day meeting will address precisely the questions of how service providers and others can use the technology, in its fixed and mobile versions, to improve their bottom line. Industry leaders and analysts will address different aspects of these questions, and insiders will discuss specific case studies. You don't want to miss it. Register here and take advantage of our early-bird registration discount of $200, which ends this Friday. - Ben

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