FON announces solution to expand WiFi signals

Spanish WiFi company FON, which has the goal of creating a global network of shared hotspots, introduced today a directional antenna that expands the range of its WiFi router. Called La Fontenna, the antenna allows FON members to share their WiFi signals over longer distances--expanding their WiFi signals by some three to five times, depending on line of sight.

FON's approach to Internet access offers routers that allow WiFi users to share their broadband Internet connections with others in exchange for being able to use these other users' connections for free when they are away from home. FON now has more than 400,000 registered community members worldwide. La Fontenna is designed to help grow the network faster.

In the U.S., FON has been gaining momentum as of late through deals with Boingo and Time Warner.

To read more about FON's La Fontenna:
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