Former Motorola CFO alleges over-inflated projections led to firing; GSMA makes prediction about renewable energy

> Former Motorola CFO Paul Liska alleges Motorola over-inflated projections for the mobile-phone business and that he was unlawfully terminated when he attempted to bring his concerns to the board. Article

> ­Signals Telecom Consulting published a couple of reports that estimate Latin America's WiMAX market will surpass $1.04 billion in revenues during 2009-2013. WiMAX will also account for around 1.8 percent of broadband connections in the region over the same time frame. Article

> Nearly 120,000 cellular base stations will be running on renewable energy in the next three years, says the GSMA. Article

And Finally... Someone used a hacksaw and a few other tools to sever eight fiber-optic cables in Silicon Valley last week. Article