France authorizes tests of TV white-space devices

France's government granted a license that will allow research organization CEA-Leti to conduct field tests of television white-space (TVWS) equipment using cognitive radios. "Although this dynamic spectrum management is not allowed in France yet, this paradigm is seen by many stakeholders as an efficient means to de-saturate the crowded radio spectrum," said the organization. The technology developed by Leti could be applied in both Europe and the United States, where TVWS devices have been authorized. Leti's Communication and Security Department (STCS) has focused its cognitive radio research on two fundamental issues related to dynamic spectrum access: free-channel detection and flexible high-spectrum-efficiency communication systems with a low power leakage in the adjacent channels, known as adjacent channel leakage ratio (ACLR). Leti said the TVWS experiments "will validate its low ACLR radio for urban and indoor-to-outdoor scenarios, in order to quantify the improvements in terms of system capacity and coexistence with incumbent radio systems." For more, see this Leti release.