Genband's Kandy sweetens unified communications with PaaS

Genband officially released Kandy, its platform-as-a-service (PaaS) that enables the embedding of real-time video, voice, presence and text into Web and mobile applications for a seamless unified-communications experience.

Paul Pluschkell Genband


Enterprises are an obvious client for Kandy. But Genband is also aggressively marketing the PaaS to communications service providers, including wireless operators, whose B2B clients would benefit from expanded real-time communications services, said Paul Pluschkell, Kandy's founder and Genband's executive vice president of strategy and cloud services.

"The same communications that power your infrastructure to allow end users to communicate now power the way we work. So it's incredibly important for network service providers to adapt a platform-as-a-service strategy so they can offer their communications services to the whole breadth of how an end user wants to consume services," he told FierceWirelessTech.

"Our whole thesis is that you've got this great infrastructure of communication, and Kandy simply puts a light orchestration layer around that and allows people to consume it for mobile, Web applications and the Internet of Things, for the way they really do business today," Pluschkell said.

Kandy was previewed earlier this year at Genband's annual customer event, Perspectives 14. It is the culmination of technologies Genband gained through its recent acquisitions of fring and uReach combined with its WebRTC and cloud offerings. Kandy's PaaS framework includes APIs, SDKs and "quick starts," which are pre-built applications suitable for non-developers.

Markets where "little pieces of Kandy" may be used to build real-time communications services run the gamut and include field service, banking, government, retail and manufacturing, Pluschkell said. "The use cases are endless," he added.  

Genband is charging $2 per user per month for unlimited "pieces of Kandy."

"Service providers and enterprises needing scalable and reliable next-generation communications capabilities will now be able to develop mobile and Web applications that leverage Kandy," said Jim Lundy, CEO of Aragon Research. "Contextual, embedded communications will change how we get things done," he noted.

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