Huawei showcases its air interface technology for 5G

While some industry players are still debating whether 5G will require a new air interface, Huawei used the Mobile World Congress trade show this week to showcase its new 5G air-interface technology, saying it will boost its 5G research and patent portfolio.

The company announced successful testing and validity of its conceptual prototyping. The results of the test, according to Huawei, prove that its new air interface design can improve spectral efficiency, increase connectivity and reduce latency. This will facilitate the deployment of high bandwidth applications such as virtual reality and customized scenarios applied to the Internet of Things (IoT).

In order to fully develop and deploy this technology, however, many believe that a new air interface, networking and network architecture must be designed and deployed and of all elements needed to build such an infrastructure, the air interface is the most fundamental. For more, see this FierceWireless:Europe article.