Icera demos LTE/HSPA modem running on existing hardware

Fabless semiconductor vendor Icera claims to be the first baseband chipset vendor to show a dual-mode LTE/HSPA modem running on a commercial USB stick demonstrating LTE/HSPA handover capabilities. The kicker: Icera said its multimode LTE technology adds no additional cost to silicon.

Icera, based in the U.K., said the cost advantage lies in the fact that the company delivers multimode LTE technology via software. The LTE/HSPA demos ran on commercial HSPA USB sticks using existing hardware platforms and chipsets with an LTE/HSPA firmware upgrade.

Steve Allpress, CTO and vice president of modem software with Icera said in a statement: "Unlike any other baseband technology, Icera executes the entire modem in software on a specific high performance processor. This approach provides a unique flexibility to maintain a lead in modem performance, optimizing network capacity at no additional silicon cost."

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