Intel adds Anite to virtualized testing effort for 4G, 5G

Wireless equipment testing technology vendor Anite announced it has joined Project Virtuoso, an Intel-initiated project to create virtualized testing environments for wireless technologies.

Slated to run four years, Project Virtuoso aims to develop a "virtualized environment for communication system development and optimization." The initiative is being subsidized by the Danish High Technology Foundation. Partner companies include mobile operator Telenor and Aalborg University Department of Electronic Systems.

Anite said that as part of its role in the project, the company will enhance its existing virtual drive testing tools (VDT) to virtually recreate the field test environment in a laboratory, enabling rapid benchmarking of devices or base stations and debugging of errors found in the field.

"We have been working with Anite for many years to develop cost-efficient testing methods and this new project will enable us to accelerate our verification processes, reducing time-to-market for our modem products," said Thomas Horvath, division vice president of modem development at Intel Mobile Communications.

In other Anite news, the company announced the first successful deployments in Europe, Africa and Asia of a joint solution created in partnership with V3D, an independent QoS and QoE software editor for mobile networks.

Anite markets V3D's customer experience monitoring (CEM) offering under the Nemo CEM Solution brand. Nemo CEM data, based upon V3D's EQual One technology, is integrated into Anite's Nemo Analyze to help operators apply relevant information for troubleshooting, combining drive tests and QoE flows of data.

V3D's EQual One solution is installed and controlled over the air on commercial phones. It supports major smartphone operating systems, including Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) Android and Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) iOS.

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