Intel reaffirms love for WiMAX in Taiwan

Intel CEO Paul Otellini recently met with the president of Taiwan, Ma Ying-jeou, to give his assurances that Intel is still committed to making WiMAX chips.

Ever since Intel closed down its Taiwan WiMAX Program office in June, the Taiwanese government had feared Intel was waning in its support for WiMAX altogether. The government has invested some $220 million in related technologies and applications for WiMAX, and a significant amount of that money went into Intel's Taiwan efforts. Intel reportedly never informed Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), which had previously signed a WiMAX cooperation agreement with Intel along with other partners in Taiwan, that it intended to shut the office down.

Intel's director of advanced technical sales and services in the Asia-Pacific region then separately endorsed WiMAX saying, "Intel is fully committed to WIMAX." He also said that user demand would guide WiMAX's future and not Intel's technological decisions.

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