iPhone owners big users of data

According to a new survey from M:Metrics, 85 percent of iPhone owners in January searched the Internet for news and information, making the slick device the most popular handheld device for wireless Internet access on the go.

"The iPhone has certainly delivered on its hype," Mark Donovan, senior analyst for M:Metrics, said while releasing the figures. "Beyond a doubt, this device is compelling consumers to interact with the mobile web, delivering off-the-charts usage from everything from text messaging to mobile video."

Moreover, 30.9 percent of iPhone users, which can access both EDGE and WiFi, watched television or video via their devices, according to the survey. The market average is 4.6 percent. The survey also found that 49.7 percent of iPhone owners visited social networking sites and 58.6 percent conducted web searches, compared with the industry average of 6.1 percent.

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