LightSquared: Satellite malfunction won't hurt LTE buildout plans; Huawei opens Cyber Security Evaluation Center in UK

> Clearwire said that its subsidiary had completed the offering of $1.33 billion in debt and may issue another $100 million worth over the next 30 days. Article

> LightSquared confirmed a minor malfunction in its recently launched satellite, but said its buildout plans for its wholesale LTE network remain on target. Article

> Admitting that data already accounted for a much larger part of France Telecom Orange's bandwidth than voice, the company's CEO, Stephane Richard, has revealed that he expected 10 times more data traffic in two years time than seen in its network today. Article

> In an effort to allay national security worries, Huawei has opened its own Cyber Security Evaluation Centre (CSEC) near Oxford in the U.K. The company said that the new center would enable it to showcase and test its network equipment against the threat of cyber attacks, and potentially dispel any security fears ahead of the fight for LTE contracts in the UK and elsewhere in Europe. Article

> The Community Redevelopment Agency of Los Angeles (CRA/LA) has just issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the design and implementation of public Wi-Fi service on the Metro Gold Line. This is an RFP to prepare an RFP. Article

And Finally... Hundreds of people dressed as Santa Claus have descended on London, startling commuters and tourists with a tide of seasonal cheer. Article