M2Z sues FCC over free nationwide broadband plan

As expected, M2Z Networks, the company that lobbied the FCC to grant it spectrum in exchange for providing a free nationwide wireless broadband network, is taking the FCC to court for rejecting its plan. M2Z filed the suit in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. M2Z's co-founder, John Muleta is a former FCC Wireless Bureau chief, and he claims that the FCC violated a number of laws when it rejected its case.

"M2Z respectfully requests that this court hold unlawful and set aside the order, including all actions, findings and conclusions therein; compel the FCC to grant the license the FCC unlawfully withheld; and grant M2Z all other just and proper relief," the company said in its appeal.

The wireless industry balked at M2Z's proposal mostly because it involved the FCC handing M2Z spectrum for free.

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