Maravedis: WiMAX accounted for 13M subscribers at year-end 2010

Maravedis' quarterly report on 4G subscriptions showed that 3.7 million new BWA/WiMAX subscribers were added in the fourth quarter 2010. The firm predicts that 5.5 million will be added in 2011. With 600-plus deployments and more than 213 devices and 61 base stations certified, the worldwide WiMAX industry accounted for more than13 million subscribers at the end of the fourth quarter. However, the top 50 WiMAX operators accounted for an accumulated 8.34 million of these subscribers, indicating this is a highly concentrated industry, the firm said. Maravedis predicts the BWA/WiMAX subscriber base to reach 18.5 million by the end of 2011, while LTE subscribers will reach 6.5 million. Release