METIS task group lays out first 5G channel models

A METIS 2020 task group led by Anite, a provider of technology for testing wireless equipment, has published what the group claims is the world's first radio-channel models for 5G technologies. Anite said the channel models are "an essential step towards further development of candidate 5G technologies."

The task group is part of the METIS 2020 project (Mobile and wireless communications Enablers for the Twenty-twenty (2020) Information Society), which was formed in November 2012. METIS is co-funded by the European Commission to lay the foundation for 5G and, its EU backers hope, put Europe in the driver's seat for this next wave of wireless communication technology.

The METIS consortium now includes 29 key wireless-industry players. Anite was appointed last fall to lead the METIS radio-channel-modeling task group.

The interim 5G channel models were co-authored by eight METIS partners and approved for publication by other key members of the project. The channel models are now generally available for 5G-technology developers worldwide. Anite first presented them during the inaugural Brooklyn 5G Summit, held in April in New York by NYU Wireless.

"The interim 5G channel models defined under Anite's leadership have wide industry acceptance and will help to meet the requirements of higher data volume and develop a system concept for 5G." said Olav Queseth, senior researcher at Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) and METIS project coordinator.

Although the next generation of wireless is still being defined, Anite noted that 5G will need to "adapt to various radio-channel conditions in a more efficient way, utilizing all dimensions of the radio channel, such as delay, frequency, time, location, elevation and polarization."

The firm added that work on the radio-channel model is crucial to one of the METIS project's goals, which is to find ways to support higher mobile data volume per area. "Accurate radio-channel-model development enables higher data-transmission volumes," Anite said.

Most supporters of 5G are aiming for commercial deployments in the 2020 time frame.

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