Motorola demos WiMAX handoffs in Windy City

Motorola teamed with Sprint yesterday to showcase the operator's Xohm WiMAX service in Chicago. During a cruise along the Chicago River, a group of media and analysts were able to experience live handoffs of WiMAX applications such as VoIP calls, video streaming and MobiTV. Later, the group saw a similar demo while driving at speeds beyond 50 miles per hour.

Barry West, Sprint CTO and president of the Xohm Business Unit, said the company is on schedule to begin Xohm pre-commercial service in Chicago by year-end with commercial service there and in other markets beginning in April 2008. The media event was held in conjunction with WiMAX World USA conference, which is taking place in Chicago this week.

Motorola also announced it is working with Primus Canada and Mipps to trial WiMAX IEEE 802.16e in Toronto. The trial involves Motorola's wi4 WiMAX solution. Mipps acquired 3.5 GHz licensed spectrum covering Toronto as well as similar spectrum in most major cities across Canada. Mipps is building the WiMAX network infrastructure in Toronto and the companies will collaborate and share knowledge and expertise gained throughout the trial.

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