Muni-WiFi network in Minneapolis breaks even; Boingo: WiFi smartphones account for 15 percent of hotspot traffic;

> The muni-WiFi network in Minneapolis is now operating at the financial break-even point for the first time as the network now supports more than 10,000 subscribers, according to the WiFi operator US Internet of Minnetonka. Article

> Boingo Wireless CEO David Hagan said WiFi smartphones now account for 15 percent of overall usage across the company's supported aggregated WiFi networks. Article

> India will account for more than 20 percent of the world's WiMAX users by 2012, says a new study from the WiMAX Forum. Release

> Ericsson has formed a partnership with Icelandic operator Síminn through a contract to expand its WCDMA/HSPA network into the 900MHz band - for the rural and remote parts of the country. Article

> Proxim Wireless Corporation announced that it has provided WiMAX equipment to CTV Infotech, a subsidiary of Chinese Television Company Ltd., for its wireless broadband triple play solution. Release

And Finally... Ships that call on Singapore can now use WiMAX instead of satellite to connect to the Internet. Article