NextWave signs on Alcatel-Lucent for WiMAX TV

Following its introduction on Monday of MXtv, a mobile multicast and broadcast technology for WiMAX operators, NextWave announced Alcatel-Lucent will integrate the technology into its mobile WiMAX solutions. The two companies plan to perform a series of interoperability tests with Alcatel-Lucent's commercial WiMAX infrastructure starting in the second quarter of 2008.

Earlier this week NextWave announced a similar deal with Chinese vendor Huawei that calls for the manufacturer to deliver the integrated MXtv technology into its WiMAX solutions.

MXtv technology will enable operators to deliver a range of multimedia services, including mobile TV, interactive media and digital audio without having to invest in new spectrum or extra radio access network equipment, NextWave said.

MXtv is a similar proposition to NextWave's UMTS MBMS-based TDtv. The company has gained traction of late for that technology, signing on Orange and T-Mobile to a six-month pilot in the London area. The technology proposes to reduce mobile broadcast costs by means of shared, unpaired 3G spectrum and a standards-based TDtv network. NextWave has this capability from its acquisition of IP Wireless last year.

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