Nokia Siemens wins rural LTE deal with Mosaic Telecom

­Nokia Siemens Networks said it won an LTE supply contract from rural mobile operator Wisconsin-based Mosaic Telecom in a deal that will see LTE in Mosaics' existing 700 MHz and 1700/2100 MHz bands and femtocells to improve indoor coverage for Mosiac's 3G customers.

"Along with improving the 3G experience for our customers, we will start offering complementary LTE data services, thus strengthening our competitive position," said Rick Vergin, chief executive officer of Mosaic Telecom. "The fact that we can reuse existing spectrum assets for the LTE implementation is a huge advantage. Since LTE is a technology adopted worldwide for many paired and unpaired frequency bands, it will also make our service adoption cost effective, convenient and efficient for us."

The deal calls for NSN to supply its Evolved Packed Core solution comprising Flexi NS (Network Server) and Flexi NG (Network Gateway) along with its LTE radio network based on the Flexi Multiradio Base Station.

NSN appears to be targeting rural operators that aren't going to be part of Verizon Wireless' rural partners initiative primarily because they own spectrum in the adjacent band. In October, Agri-Valley announced a deal with NSN to roll out an LTE network in rural areas of Michigan using the company's 700 MHz spectrum.

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