Nokia Solutions and Networks executive named to lead new 5G PPP Association

The European Commission and 5G PPP Association agreed on creating a 5G public-private partnership (PPP) to prepare for the future standardization of the next-generation network and components that are expected to be deployed over the next decade.

Werner Mohr, NSN


Werner Mohr, head of research alliances at Nokia (NYSE:NOK) Solutions and Networks, will chair the 5G PPP Association. "LTE and its continuous evolution will be sufficient until the end of the decade. However, after 2020 a new generation of technologies will be needed to address market demands. The industry and academia are working together to create a high-performance 5G environment," he said.

NSN is conducting research on the flexible use of spectrum and its propagation in new, higher bands, both for centimeter- and millimeter-wave technologies. It is also working on system design for ultra-dense small cell deployments to deliver the high data rates and ultra-low latency that will be needed to support future use cases such as augmented reality and tactile Internet.

NSN also recently made a multi-year financial commitment to the NYU Wireless research center, a joint program of New York University and Polytechnic Institute of NYU (NYU-Poly). NSN is expected to support NYU Wireless' 5G research activities, including its pioneering work on millimeter-wave frequencies.

Other major research areas for NSN are wide-area enhancements, including efficient support of machine-type communication as well as 5G architecture that integrates existing and new technologies. NSN is also analyzing how 5G may be adapted to smart grids, homes or cities.

In a recent white paper, the company stated that its vision of 5G aims to "enable a scalable service experience anytime and everywhere and where people and machines obtain virtual zero latency and gigabit experience where it matters."

Mobile World Live reported the public-private 5G partnership has a publicly contributed budget of €700 million ($963.0 million), which is being matched by the same contribution from private entities. "Each euro of public funding is expected to trigger additional investments of between three and 10 euro to develop new technologies, products and services which will give European industry a leading position on world markets," said the EC.

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