Nominum: DNS is in the network, so ops ought to use it

BARCELONA, Spain--Reflecting the growing importance of Domain Name System (DNS) technology in the mobile arena, Nominum today announced its Mobile Suite of DNS-base applications for operators.

Nominum, a provider of DNS and Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) technology for service providers  such as Comcast and Verizon, has built its business mainly by providing network-based apps to fixed broadband operators--it supports more than 500 million Internet users worldwide. However, the company has been working with mobile operators--its customer list includes names such as Vodafone, Telecom Italia Mobile, China Mobile and Telefonica--and recently formed a dedicated mobile solutions group within the company.

The new mobile product suite integrates Nominum's applications around the DNS, a network resource few mobile operators have fully exploited. The suite of products targets four key areas: mobile packet core, which integrates standard caching and authoritative DNS services into a single approach for 3G and beyond networks; enhanced network and service visibility; subscriber affinity, including creation of network-based, value-added functions ranging from security to parental controls to end-user apps; and spectrum efficiency, thanks to decreased latency and active management of wireless spectrum by preventing malicious activity and addressing anomalous traffic.

The benefit to operators is that all of these applications can be built off of the DNS, which is already included in their mobile networks, said Doug Miller, general manager of mobile solutions for Nominum. The apps offer "real business benefits for not only the operational engineering guys but also the marketing guys," he told FierceBroadbandWireless. "The analytics are nearly endless, and the great thing about this is you can leverage an asset that's already in the network."

Nominum hopes packaging its DSN solutions will make them easier to deploy for customers. "The enabling factors have been in the market for quite some time. But the ability to make them open to the masses and open to even the Tier 1 operators that just don't have the resources to put them together on their own, that's actually pretty empowering," said Miller.

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