Nortel announces the "Unwired Enterprise"


Nortel Networks announced its plan for creating the "Unwired Enterprise," which involves integrating WiFi into existing wired infrastructure. Nortel said it will bring to market WiFi products based on the 802.11n draft specification once it's ratified as a standard. The idea is to combine WiFi and mesh systems, switches and routers embedded with wireless capability and a unified network management platform. For instance, Nortel will integrate WiFi functionality directly with the Ethernet switch, as opposed to offering stand-alone equipment like a wireless access point or a router.

Nortel's seriousness in the business can be measured by the fact that the vendor plans to build products in-house by upping its R&D spending. Previously, the company had outsourced its WiFi equipment to OEMs.

For more about Nortel's "Unwired Enterprise" strategy:
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