NRTC invests in DigitalBridge

DigitalBridge Communications signed a distribution deal with the National Rural Telecommunications Cooperative in return for the NRTC's  "significant" investment in the WiMAX provider. In addition, NRTC will acquire a seat on the company's board of directors.

The deal comes just weeks after NRTC filed comments to the FCC saying that it is developing a plan to enable its members to offer universal access to broadband throughout rural America by using a combination of WiMAX and satellite.

Specifics of the deal were not disclosed, but Bob Phillips, NRTC president and CEO likened the investment in DigitalBridge to a similar deal the non-profit group made with DirecTV to get satellite TV service to rural America. "It was an NRTC investment that delivered DirecTV satellite television service to rural America in places where there was no cable or other alternative to 'rabbit-ears' on top of the TV or an antennae on the roof," Phillips said. "Now we will once again lead a technological revolution for underserved rural communities, this time by providing fixed and mobile broadband Internet access."

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