NTIA: 1500 MHz of federal spectrum could be used for wireless broadband

The Commerce Department has identified nearly 1500 MHz of federal spectrum that may be suitable for wireless broadband services.

The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) issued its Second Interim Progress Report, highlighting 1473.9 MHz of federal spectrum in 11 blocks that lie between 406.1 MHz and 4.4 GHz. The total includes three blocks consisting of 385 MHz that the NTIA put on a fast-track evaluation last year. At the time it determined that 115 MHz could be used for wireless broadband services within five years.

The report particularly focuses on two consecutive blocks of spectrum that consists of 95 MHz between 1755 MHz and 1850 MHz. Some 16 federal agencies hold 3,000 frequency assignments in that band. Services in the band include fixed-to-point microwave, military tactical radio relay, air combat training systems, law enforcement mobile video surveillance, HD video data links for space systems, robotic video functions and electronic warfare.

All of the agencies have submitted reports to the NTIA detailing their estimated costs, and time frames for relocating their services to other frequencies, and the NTIA will be charged with analyzing those submissions.

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