O2 follows AT&T with smartphone data cap; Google tells lawmakers it didn't use WiFi information

> Following AT&T Mobility's move to cap data on the iPhone and other smartphones, Telefonica's 02 in the UK is also stopped offering unlimited data to smartphone users. Article

> Google is telling lawmakers that it never dissected or used any of the information that it accidentally sucked up while collecting data about public WiFi networks in more than 30 countries. Article

> Goatse Security, the group that gained access to 114,000 email addresses belonging to Apple iPad 3G owners has taken to the blogosphere to defend itself, while the FBI has announced that it is investigating the incident. Article

> Taiwan's telecoms regulator has reacted positively to the news that the country's WiMAX operators intend to convert to LTE technology. According to the National Communications Commission (NCC), 4G licensing will take place in 2014 at the earliest, while 4G technology will not be prevalent in Taiwan until 2017. However, no decisions have yet been made with regard to spectrum planning or the number of 4G licences that will be awarded. Article

And Finally... The fast food-chain Wendy's has pulled a disco CD included in kids' meals because of racy lyrics in one of the songs. Article