Optus buys 3G spectrum from Qualcomm down under; VC money still flowing into wireless

> Australian carrier Optus intends to double the amount of available 3G spectrum it owns in the country's capital cities, by buying licenses from U.S. chip vendor Qualcomm. Article

> Facebook dominates the mobile Internet in the U.K., accounting for almost a third of all page impressions generated each month, according to a new report from the GSM Association and comScore. Article

> Is usage-based pricing inevitable? Article

> VC money is still flowing to wireless, especially if you can solve the data capacity crunch on 3G networks. Article

> AT&T Mobility has a 75 percent chance of remaining the exclusive U.S. carrier for Apple's iPhone into 2011, according to Credit Suisse analyst Jonathan Chaplin. Article

> For 2010, Firetide forecasts 100 percent increase in demand for city-wide wireless infrastructure mesh networks but with a focus on municipal infrastructure rather than free public WiFi applications. Release

And Finally... An Alaska dentist has given a bald eagle a unique beak using a temporary crown, sticky poster putty and yellow highlighter. Article

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