Pronto, BelAir aid low-cost WiFi networks in Tex.

Pronto Networks and BelAir Networks will partner to offer service providers solutions to allow them to deploy complete large scale wireless networks. The companies' first joint deployment will cover the downtown/Alamo Plaza area of San Antonio. The joint offering combines the BelAir100 and BelAir200 Multi-service Switch Routers with the Pronto OSS for end-to-end metro scale solution.

The two companies are working with SA, Hotzone Integrators, and NAS Wireless to designe and deploy the wireless hotzone that covers several blocks of shops, restaurants, and businesses in the Alamo Plaza. The initial BelAir/Pronto installation in the Alamo Plaza area includes 4 BelAir100 and 1 BelAir200 Wireless Multi-service Nodes mounted on buildings in the downtown area. Initially, SA Unwired plans to charge users $3 dollars per hour or $10 dollars per day for wireless Internet access. As the network grows in functionality and users, SA Unwired expects pricing to change.

For more on the Pronto-BelAir collaboration:
- see Pronto's press release (pdf)

PLUS: BelAir also announced a new product which marks a new direction for the company and makes it more like some of its biggest rivals. The company was long a proponent of multiple radios in metropolitan-class wireless mesh hardware products, raising questions about the single-radio approach of competitors such as Tropos. Well, BelAir is coming out with the BelAir 50C, its first single radio mesh unit. Story

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