Quantenna, Mimosa partner on 802.11ac wave 2 outdoor Wi-Fi products

Quantenna Communications said it is the exclusive supplier of 802.11ac wave 2 technology to Mimosa for use in multiple outdoor Wi-Fi products. The two companies have also agreed to jointly develop an enhanced physical layer and link.

Quantenna chipset

Quantenna 802.11 ac chipset.

Mimosa's 802.11ac-based outdoor wireless products are scheduled to launch this year and will feature wave 2 multi-user MIMO technology. The companies contend the resulting improvements in throughput and client capacity will open up new service provider opportunities.

"The next great frontier in wireless technology is the ability to transmit independent streams to multiple clients simultaneously. With constantly increasing Internet demands, wireless hardware must leverage these innovations to leap forward in speed and client capacity," said Mimosa CEO Brian Hinman.

Wave 2 of the 802.11ac standard, which uses the 5 GHz band, supports both contiguous 160 MHz and noncontiguous 80x80 MHz (80 MHz uplink and 80 MHz downlink) bandwidths. This phase also offers multi-user MIMO and transmit beam-forming. Wave 2 capabilities are expected to be particularly useful in enterprises and public locations such as stadiums and concert venues, where bandwidth is shared across many mobile devices simultaneously.

In related news, Quantenna's wave 2 QSR1000 4x4 MIMO chipset is being used in the Asus RT-AC87U 802.11ac home router, which the companies said can deliver 1.7 Gbps throughput.

"Our customers value high-performance Wi-Fi and know the impact a reliable wireless connection has on their ability to stream bandwidth-intensive data, including video content," said Tenlong Deng, associate vice president of the networking and wireless devices business unit for Asus.

"We are pleased to partner with Asus to bring the first 802.11ac wave 2 home router to market, expanding our channels to consumers by bringing our service provider proven industry-leading performance into the retail segment," said Quantenna's Heidari.

In addition, ViXS added Quantenna's QSR1000 chipset to its XCode 6400 reference design platform, a system-on-a-chip (SoC) that can decode and display Ultra HD 4K p60 HEVC at 10-bit. The SoC is designed for wireless set-top boxes.

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