Rite Aid pursues massive beacon rollout

In what's being called the largest retail rollout of beacon technology, Rite Aid deployed more than 4,500 devices throughout its U.S. stores – more than the previous record set by Macy's, ZDNet reports. The program is powered by inMarket.

"Beacons on their own require apps to listen for them -- otherwise they don't do anything," inMarket communications director Dave Heinzinger wrote in an email to ZDNet. "Our strategy has been to build out relationships with apps that people already use, rather than try to reinvent the wheel and get people to download something new."

inMarket claims to have more than 42 million monthly active users in its beacon program. Rite Aid, by association, will gain access to those 42 million users, on top of the users who run its own namesake mobile application. Article