SPOTLIGHT: Apple's wireless router

Ever since its 1984 commercial depicting Apple as a brave iconoclast fighting against an Orwellian-like world foisted on us by IBM, I have been harboring a suspicion that Apple is, in fact, a very large and savvy PR firm with a small technology company attached to it. Just look at the hoopla surrounding the introduction of the iPhone. Still, Apple is a technology company, and we note that--besides the iPhone--it is now offering the new AirPort Extreme, Apple's own wireless router. This next generation AirPort uses draft-802.11n, and it also features a USB port on the back. AirPort comes with the AirPort Disk Utility which will take any hard drive you have connected to your AirPort and make it a network drive on either your Mac or your PC. Now, it wouldn't be an Apple product without an irritatingly high price tag, would it. At $180 it is on the high side, but Apple aficionados have developed a habit of forgiving such high prices in the past, and will likely do so in February when the router begin shipping. Report