Sprint reveals three more markets slated for Xohm launch

Sprint said it has hit its internal infrastructure deployment goals for Xohm a month ahead of schedule as the operator put its 1,000th WiMAX base station on the air. According to Sidecut Reports, Sprint is deploying WiMAX infrastructure in Boston, Philadelphia and Dallas/Fort Worth in addition to the previously announced markets of Baltimore, Chicago and Washington, D.C.  Sprint, which is merging its WiMAX business with Clearwire, is not releasing launch date information except to say that the Baltimore, Washington, D.C. and Chicago markets will go live as promised by the fourth quarter. Baltimore is going live some time this month.

Xohm President Barry West promised average downloads speeds of 3 to 5 Mbps in network coverage areas along with a handful of devices for the Baltimore launch. Those devices include modems from Zyxel and ZTE as well as two devices for laptops--one a a USB type device from ZTE and the other a PC card from Samsung. Nokia's highly touted WiMAX tablet is expected to become available after the Xohm service launches in Baltimore.

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