In-Stat: Early WiMAX entrants still dominate

In-Stat says original WiMAX vendor entrants Alvarion, Aperto, Redline and Airspan held the dominant market position in 2006, despite the publicity surrounding Samsung, Nokia Siemens and Motorola and their high-profile contract wins with Sprint. In-Stat expects the balance of power to change, however, when Sprint begins its network deployment.

Other things the firm found:

  • At the end of 2006, there were 213,300 WiMAX subscribers worldwide.
  • Almost all of those subscribers were found in Eastern Europe, North Africa/Middle East and the Asia/Pacific Region.
  • Due to delays in 802.16e certification, In-Stat now believes the life cycle for 802.16d equipment will be longer than originally forecasted.

For more about In-Stat's findings:
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