In-Stat: Hotspot use is growing but revenues aren't

A new report from In-Stat says that while the number of WiFi hotspots offering public access continues to grow along with users on a global basis, access revenues are not keeping pace with the growth in use. The trend could be explained by In-Stat's survey that found an increased reluctance of users to pay for hotspot access. Nearly 50 percent of people the firm surveyed said they would only use a free hotspot.

 "Because of this trend, hotspot operators are turning to other methods to generate revenues," said Daryl Schoolar, In-Stat analyst. "Operators have started bundling hotspot access with other services, such as fixed and mobile broadband. This way, consumers can access hotspots without paying a separate fee, and operators can generate some access revenue by bundling the cost of the service into a bigger service package that consumers are willing to purchase." Release

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