Stoke working on Wi-Fi connectivity software; Airvana, Hitachi demonstrate end-to-end LTE femtocell solution

> OpenDNS announced the city of Portland has deployed OpenDNS across its entire municipal Wi-Fi network to provide cloud-based Web filtering and lock down its network from evolving malware threats. Article

> The University of Massachusetts at Amherst has completed one of the largest 802.11n deployments ever, providing wireless access to some 12,000 dormitory residents. Article

> Mobile gateway company Stoke is working on new software to make it easier for smartphone users to connect to Wi-Fi networks that should be ready for Mobile World Congress in 2012. Article

> Airvana has successfully demonstrated the end-to-end LTE femtocell solution in partnership with Hitachi Communications Technology Americas. Article

And Finally...  A cleaner with the best intentions accidentally destroyed a piece of art worth more than $1 million when she removed what she thought was a "stain" from it. Article