T-Mobile takes M2Z to task over AWS-3 auction arguments

T-Mobile USA is taking M2Z Networks to task for the company's claim that T-Mobile's interference concerns over the FCC's proposed plans for the AWS-3 band are moot given the fact that the carrier operates a wireless broadband network Czech Republic using similar spectrum and similar technical rules to those the FCC plans to adopt for the band. The FCC wants to create a 25-megahertz swath of spectrum, known as AWS-3, that would support a nationwide license and would require the licensee to dedicate 25 percent of its network capacity to free broadband service, install a network-based Internet filtering system to block pornography and allow open access to third-party devices and applications. T-Mobile has been the most vocal opponent of the plan.

T-Mobile has been aggressively arguing that time division duplex (TDD) technology would cause a problem if deployed in the U.S. adjacent to its frequency division duplex (FDD) operations in the AWS-1 band. T-Mobile's network in the Czech Republic, however, uses TDD (UMTS TDD technology) in unpaired spectrum and is adjacent to FDD operations within well-established standard power limits and without using spectrum guard bands, said a report from the Czech Telecommunications Office.

T-Mobile has countered M2Z, saying that the company's argument was simplistic. According to a statement in Wireless Week, T-Mobile said: "There are important distinctions between the Czech Republic situation and the AWS-3 band in the United States that M2Z has conveniently chosen to ignore." The carrier said its Czech operations are subject to stringent technical mandates and standards that limit out-of-band emissions. It also said its Czech operations are governed by a 5 megahertz guard band between TDD and FDD operations. M2Z, on the other hand, is proposing no guard band for the AWS-3 spectrum.

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