Tellabs adds content awareness to routing platform to cope with rising data traffic

Tellabs introduced the SmartCore 9200 Series IP edge routing platform--a 1-terabit-per-slot content-aware routing platform designed to help operators cope with the onslaught of data traffic.

The SmartCore series plays on operators' needs when it comes to understanding what type of traffic is traveling through their networks. The basic building block of the platform is what Tellabs calls SmartCard architecture. The platform is able to integrate intelligence onto each line card and distribute processing across all line cards, giving operators visibility into what type of traffic is traveling over their networks.

 The platform enables application and content awareness without sacrificing speed, and provides visibility for network analytics and traffic management to drive new revenue streams.

"Many solutions are stand-alone appliances that allows operators to see all of the signatures and services being offered to the end user," said Stu Benington, director of Global Portfolio Planning with Tellabs, in an interview. "What hasn't been done is taking that information and matching it up in short order or in real-time."

The SmartCore 9200 Series will run the new Tellabs GeniOS operating system, which supports third-party applications such as security and malware programs into the platform without adding additional hardware, Tellabs said. The vendor believes that the openness of the OS will give operators new ways to add new revenue streams into the network.

In addition, Tellabs announced the Tellabs Insight Analytics Services, a solution that allows operators to identify and address network pain points in order to better manage their networks. The solution includes network analytics, customer experience management and marketing analytics.

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