Time Warner Cable is lighting up Wi-Fi hotspots in San Diego; Accelleran will use Cavium's technology in its TD-LTE small-cell platform

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> Time Warner Cable is lighting up Wi-Fi hotspots in San Diego. Article

> Not everyone is thrilled about the prospect of vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communications. Article

> Is an emoji worth 1,000 words? Keymoji is a downloadable keyboard for Apple's iOS 8 that converts text into emojis as the user types. Article

> Accelleran will use Cavium's Octeon Fusion as the baseband processor for its M101 urban, TD-LTE small-cell platform. Release

And finally… This year's Ig Noble Prize winners include researchers studying the physics of slipping on a banana peel, evidence that night owls tend to be psychopathic, a method of treating nosebleeds using strips of cured pork and the mental hazards of owning a cat. Article

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