Vendors pledge support for WiMAX

Not to be lost in the LTE noise, a group of WiMAX vendors, including Intel, Cisco, Alvarion, Nokia Siemens, Alcatel Lucent, Motorola, ZTE, and Huawei came together at the Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona to pledge their ongoing investment in WiMAX, stressing that not only is the technology alive and kicking but it now ready for commercial deployment.

Interestingly, Sean Cai, deputy general manager of WiMAX with ZTE, said the largest barrier to WiMAX adoption is the lack of end user devices supporting the technology. The vendors, however, were upbeat about WiMAX's future in the current economic malaise, citing the ongoing rollouts of WiMAX and strong interest from governments because the technology can be used as a substitute for fixed broadband.

Tang Xinhong, Huawei's vice president for WiMAX, said WiMAX operators need to act now to ensure they have developed a strong user base before LTE begins to mature and compete.

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