Verizon engineers will be counting gigabits during Super Bowl 50

The preparations that AT&T and Verizon made for Super Bowl 50 have been well documented, but a peek inside Verizon's Super Bowl command room shows just how much the high-profile game will test cellular networks like no other NFL game. The command center will be monitoring the network in real time when the Denver Broncos take on the Carolina Panthers on Feb. 7.

Verizon's planning for Super Bowl 50 started two years ago and each Levi's Stadium home game this season has served as a dry-run for the engineers and the network. "The difference between a Super Bowl versus most other events is we'll see probably 5- to 6-times the traffic in the stadium," Phillip French, executive director of networks for Verizon's Western Territory, told Network World. "Last year, we were really surprised by how much data grew." Article