Verizon to launch LTE-enabled Samsung GalaxyTab; Clearwire dealers reportedly lowered credit standards

> Verizon to launch LTE-enabled Samsung GalaxyTab 10.1. Article

> Report: Clearwire dealers lowered credit standards to get subs. Article

> A study is warning that increased use of handheld games and the rise of text messaging can cause wrist and finger pain in children, and it is more common in girls than boys. Article

­> Panasonic says that it has developed a 60GHz multi-gigabit wireless technology that is optimized for mobile devices and can transmit mobile data at rates that are 20-times faster than current LANs, while only drawing just one watt of power from the battery. Article

> Deutsche Telekom (DT) unveiled its commercial LTE network in Cologne, Germany, on Wednesday following the installation of 100 base stations by Deutsche Telekom (DT). This deployment comes 12 months after DT was successful in bidding for LTE spectrum. Article

And finally... ­A Malaysian man has been ordered to send 100 messages on the Twitter service to apologize for defaming a local magazine. Article