Verizon Wireless reveals open access details

In its Open Network conference in New York yesterday, Verizon Wireless executives revealed to developers more details about the firm's new open network agenda. Announced last November, Verizon said it would open its network to any device and any application that meets minimal technical standards later this year.

Verizon Wireless Chief Marketing Officer Mike Lanman told the audience that the company will have three models:

  • Retail. This is where a company goes to market with a device and Verizon sets the price of the device. The company also uses Verizon's existing rate plans.
  • Wholesale. This is where a company designs their own voice and data pricing plans.
  • Custom. In this scenario Verizon creates a custom package for a specialized product or service that a company wants to bring to market.

Lanman said that the company understands that by opening up its network to these different models it will see more devices in its test labs and therefore it is expanding its resources. This was reiterated by Tony Melone, executive vice president and CTO of Verizon Wireless. Melone said that the company will have third party labs that will help with the certification and that those will charge "market-based fees." He expects the certification process to take about four weeks.

The open access policy will also carry over to the operator's 4G wireless plans. Verizon indicated it will start testing Long-Term Evolution (LTE) wireless technology later this year. -Sue Marek

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