Virgin may offer WiMAX devices

Virgin Mobile USA has divulged its interest in offering WiMAX devices as soon as Sprint--whose network the MVNO uses to offer voice and 3G data services––deploys its WiMAX network. As a partner of Sprint, the company said it will have access to Sprint's WiMAX network and devices and an opportunity to offer those service options to their customers.

Virgin just completed its acquisition of the MVNO Helio last month and is now addressing the business of reducing churn, seeking higher spending customers, and paying down its debts. Certainly it will be conducting its due diligence over the coming months, as Sprint's planned WiMAX buildout proceeds, to evaluate if, how, and when to introduce the new technology to its customers.

The newly merged company introduced its first new products last week--its first EVDO handset, the Shuttle, as well as a selection of new data plans.

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