WhiteSpace Alliance slates initial Wi-Far interoperability event

The WhiteSpace Alliance will hold the first inter-operability event for its Wi-Far specification, which is derived from the IEEE 802.22 standard, sometime in the first quarter of 2013.

The spec incorporates advanced cognitive radio capabilities including dynamic spectrum access, database access, geolocation techniques, spectrum sensing, regulatory domain dependent policies, spectrum etiquette and coexistence, said the alliance. The standard is designed for use in the white space spectrum that sits between TV channels.

"Achieving multi-vendor support for delivering effective networking solutions meeting regulatory requirements is extremely important in being able to benefit from TV white spaces," said Apurva Mody, WhiteSpace Alliance chairman.

Wireless regional area networks (WRANs) could deliver 22 Mbps to 29 Mbps per TV channel--depending upon country of deployment--and cover large areas up to 100 kilometers from the transmitter.

Proponents of using TV white space spectrum for wireless broadband services say the frequencies could play crucial roles in bridging the digital divide to bring high-speed communications to underserved and unserved rural communities, which are estimated to include nearly half of the world's population.

The WhiteSpace Alliance was formed in Dec.2011. Last month the alliance announced its newest members include Texas Instruments, ISB and Azcom Technology.

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