Wi-Fi TV launches website

WiFi is becoming a bit like a Swiss knife, with all manner of other technologies trying to ride it to success and glory. Yesterday Wi-FiTV.com officially opened its gates and launched its website with a webcast that introduced the development team and provided an overview of the site. The company is also offering the Wi-FiTVPhone, which may be downloaded at the site. The company, by the way, calls its product Social Internet TV.  

One of the features of the new Wi-Fi TV is a phone dialer that may be downloaded for free and provide free calls. If you become a member of Wi-Fi TV, you may use your PC to make calls to any home or business phone or cell phone in the U.S., Canada or Australia, any home or business phone in the U.K., and any PC worldwide. Note that the calls are free but ad-supported. Global PC-to-PC service is between Wi-Fi TV members only, but Wi-Fi TV membership is now available free.

For more on Wi-FiTV.com:
-see company's website 

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