WiFi is new option for emergency alerts

As the cellular industry and government agencies work to develop interoperable and reliable means of delivering public safety alerts during emergencies, companies continue to introduce their own proprietary innovations.

Last week enterprise WLAN vendor Meru Networks introduced an emergency alert broadcasting system that operates on WiFi, which it is targeted for use on corporate and college campuses and municipal networks. Meru developed the solution jointly with Amika Mobile, a provider of email-to-SMS emergency alerts. In case of an emergency, any device connected to a WiFi access point would receive an alert immediately. The alert can include images or maps that might help convey needed information to users in the affected areas. In addition to WiFi, the system can use text messaging to send alerts and it can support email and voice alerts. It is compliant with the Federal Emergency Management Association's directive mandating that government agencies implement emergency notification systems to prepare for future emergencies. Release.