WiMax arrives in Russia

From Russia with love: Airspan Networks has deployed the first-ever Russian WiMax network for MetroMAX. MetroMAX was established in 2005 by private investors to build and operate an IP-based voice and data network in the Samara region of Russia. More than 3 million people reside in the region, which covers about 536,000 sq. km. Samara is an oil producing and refining area, but here is a paradox: The region's GNP per capita is more than 30 percent above the Russian national average, but less than 5 percent of Samaran residents currently have access to broadband communications.

MetroMAX's goal is to cover the entire region by the end of 2006 with a WiMax-based system. MetroMAX will initially offer its subscribers high-speed Internet access, standard VoIP services and VPNs for small and midsized enterprises. By the middle of 2006 it expects to have deployed Airspan's VoiceMAX solution in the network, giving it the ability to offer toll-quality VoIP services in a fully integrated network system.

For more on Airspan's Russian venture:
- see this press release

PLUS: Other WiMax companies are eying the Russian market. As many as 30 Russian cities will be getting wireless broadband access through a collaborative effort of GlobeTel Wireless and Moscow-based Internafta. Article

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